David Koulack

During his thirty-five years at the at the University of Manitoba, David Koulack published studies in both the areas of social psychology and sleep research, wrote To Catch a Dream: Explorations of Dreaming, co-authored Single Father's Handbook and co-edited Readings in Social Psychology. Koulack took early retirement in 1999 in order to write. His columns have appeared in numerous newspapers and his fiction and creative nonfiction work has been published in a variety of literary journals.

Sunday, July 16th, 2017

Winnipeg Health Care: Change for Change’s Sake

I’ve been following the plans for changes in health care delivery in Winnipeg with more than a little dismay. Is there a rationale for moving health care facilities hither and yon, for doing away with the 24-7 Urgent Care Facility at the Misericordia Hospital or eliminating the 24-7 Emergency Facility from the Concordia Hospital? Or are these changes, and perhaps a number of others that are being contemplated for the health care system, being instituted for change’s sake or, perhaps more honestly, to give administrators a chance to flex their muscles by moving services from one place to another just...

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Marvin's Novel

Buffeted by disapproving parents, a rapacious and demanding wife, recalcitrant students and his own doubts about ever being able to write a novel, Marvin strives to merely stay afloat. But ironically it is when things go from bad to worse and Marvin is hauled up before the university's kangaroo court on unfounded charges of racism that he understands that he can be the master of his own fate.

To Catch A Dream

A behind the scenes look at sleep and dream research.

Single Father's Handbook

An aid to separated parents jointly raising their children.

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